Monday, March 07, 2005

TiVo Alerts

A couple of shows worth catching or - if you're like me - worth setting on TiVo because you're sure to forget to watch when they actually air:

Heart of a Lioness , on Animal Planet, is the extraordinary story of a three-year-old lioness in Kenya who, after apparently losing her pride in some sort of traumatic incident, "adopts" a newborn Oryx antelope calf, which is, of course, it's natural prey. As I watched the footage of the two together, I found myself holding my breath and wondering which, ultimately, would win - the "mothering"/nurturing instinct that the lionness clearly had for the antelope, or the hunger and the biological instinct to hunt? The documentary is compelling as it depicts a series of events that simply couldn't happen - but did. This is reality television at it's best.

If you're looking for something a little less serious, don't miss Comedy Live: Dylan Moran on BBC America. I'm not usually a fan of stand-up comedy, but I stumbled across Moran's act one night and was immediately hooked. He is truly laugh-out-loud funny.

Another fun show on BBC America is the sit-com My Family, which stars actor Robert Lindsey. I've been a fan of Lindsey since the late eighties when six other people in the world and I enjoyed the movie Bert Rigby, You're A Fool. (Is it even available anymore? Has anyone else ever heard of it?) Anyway, My Family is smart and funny and easily better than almost any situation comedy currently airing on US network television.

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