Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My Brother, The Car

We have a running joke at our house that the family cars are the only sibling Bud is ever going to have. But he does really, truly treat them like family members. He has zero interest in vehicles in general - bunches of Matchboxes that don't get any play-time, diggers and construction vehicles that barely get a glance. But the family cars are a whole different story. They are greeted by names that he has given them: Black Car, Blue Car, and Nana's Car. When we pull into the driveway and another car is waiting he shouts "Hi, Nana's Car! We missed you!" And the comments he makes in relation to the cars give me endless fascination - just another glimpse into the unique perspective of Bud:

** We were talking about colors one day and Bud said, very excitedly, "Green! That's Nana's Car's favorite color!" (As opposed to "Nana's car is green.")

** Riding in the backseat of the minivan, Bud announced "Mama! Blue Car is wearing glasses!" I climbed into the back with him and asked what he was looking at and sure enough - the rounded rear-view mirrors sticking out from either side of the vehicle looked like little granny specs perched on the "nose" created by the hood of the car.

** A steady snow began falling last week while we were inside a building. As we walked through the parking lot and the car came into sight, we saw that it was covered with snow and Bud told me "Mama, you need to shave Black Car." Well, of course - the snow looked just like shaving cream, and the scraper looked just like daddy's razor! It was time for a shave!

** Later, after 18 inches of snow had piled up and it was time for snow removal, Daddy was clearing off the roof of the van, and Bud told me "Daddy is giving Blue Car's head a scratch."

Once again, not even wrong.

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